Ibrahim Wilson

My name is Ibrahim Wilson I am a sophomore at the University Of Delaware, I am planning on interning for a research position at NASA. During my time in NASA I plan to learn a lot of valuable skills that will benefit me in the business/stem field. Ibrahim’s Research Summary: I was fortunate to interact… Continue reading Ibrahim Wilson

Keimora Williams

Keimora’s Research Summary: Elementary math education is essential because it sets the stage for academic success, personal growth, and practical life skills.Research has shown that early math skills are one of the best predictors of later academic success (Duncan, et al, 2007). In addition to setting children up for later mathematics success, early math skills… Continue reading Keimora Williams

Stephanie Sullivan

Stephanie Sullivan is a senior Neuroscience major in the Honors College at the University of Delaware. Following her personal mission statement of “finding order in disorder,” she seeks to transform complex situations into simple scenarios. Stephanie intends to pursue a career in consulting by translating the lessons of neuroscience to real-world business situations. Stephanie’s Research… Continue reading Stephanie Sullivan

Maeve Owens

Maeve’s Research Summary: In the research I took part in this summer, we were looking for exoplanets via data from a star’s spectra. First, I worked towards understanding the physics behind the data we had to analyze. Next we had to find the signals within the data, then we used statistical methods to confirm that… Continue reading Maeve Owens

Joshua Mizrachi

Joshua’s Research Summary Report: Over the course of my summer research, I utilized many skills including presenting, data analysis, and coding, all in efforts to findareas around the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies where Population III stars could be located. Population III stars are stars formed from the primordial matter from the Big Bang… Continue reading Joshua Mizrachi

Khalid Khider

Khalid’s Research Summary: Having an opportunity to work the DE Space Grant was a blessed experience. I really enjoyed working with a team. They werevery welcoming and kind. I was contributing to a team project where we developed and improved the underwater swimming robotwhich I thought was pretty cool. I discovered my new passion which… Continue reading Khalid Khider

Jada Jackson

I am a rising junior studying Biological Sciences at Delaware State University. I have an interest in health professions and have interests in several specialties. Last summer, I worked on researching techniques in the area of joint kinematics. Jada’s Research Summary: My summer research this summer was centered around the relationship between kidney disease or… Continue reading Jada Jackson

Donovan Haverly

I am a Rising Senior at the University of Delaware majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. I am looking forward to graduating in the upcoming year and joining the Aerospace industry to assist in the design of hydrogen-powered aircraft.  Donovan’s Research Summary: First, the design of individual winglets was completed in SolidWorks. The first… Continue reading Donovan Haverly

Andrew Fonseca

My name is Andrew Fonseca, and I am a junior at University of Delaware currently following a physics degree plan with an astrophysics concentration, along with a computer science minor. I am a first-generation college student trying to engage more in research regarding my astrophysics concentration, and hope to learn more about this interesting field.… Continue reading Andrew Fonseca

Rodney Davis

I am Rodney Davis, and I am a senior at Delaware State University studying mathematics education. My future career goals are to become a mathematics educator and pursue a master’s degree in educational leadership to provide a change in young children’s lives. I would like to become an assistant principal and principal. My long-term goal… Continue reading Rodney Davis