Ibrahim Wilson

Summer Researcher with Dr. Federica Bianco and Dr. Dwight Higgin

Business Analytics, Economics

University of Delaware

My name is Ibrahim Wilson I am a sophomore at the University Of Delaware, I am planning on interning for a research position at NASA. During my time in NASA I plan to learn a lot of valuable skills that will benefit me in the business/stem field.

Ibrahim’s Research Summary:

I was fortunate to interact with important figures inside the NASA program during my research fellowship. Our teamwork led to the creation of a project that was focused on the study of light curves. Our project’s main goal was to better comprehend celestial objects by examining how their light intensities change over time. I used a variety of strategies and techniques to examine and interpret the gathered light curve data in order to do this. As a result, we made important strides toward understanding the traits and actions of these celestial beings.

As a business analytics major i increased my knowledge during the internship by utilizing the tools and resources at my disposal. As a result, I was better able to comprehend the fundamental ideas behind light curves and the importance of those ideas for astrophysical research. Data analysis, interpretation, and contributing to the broader research process were all parts of my participation in the study.

In conclusion, my research internship gave me a rare chance to work with important NASA personnel and contribute to a project about light curves. Through this experience, I was able to develop practical research skills.