David Esquivel

David’s Research Summary: My first task for this internship was self-reflecting on what I would like to do/accomplish. I researched different companies and national labs I would like to work with (ie. NASA, NOAA, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab). Upon completing this self-reflection I was tasked with educating myself on the differences between stiffness and effective… Continue reading David Esquivel

Markos Duey

This summer my research initially focused on ceramic composites for turbine blades in turbo-jet engine configurations. I was tasked with educating myself in the state of the art on ceramic composites. After reading plenty of related published journal articles on ceramic applications in aerospace, I was able to get a solid foundational understanding on the… Continue reading Markos Duey

Allison Fantom

Allison’s Research Summary: Introduction This summer I worked with Sarah Dodson-Robinson on detecting exoplanets which are planets outside of the solar system from signals in a star’s spectra. The main goal was to confirm if a signal was actually a planet or the star’s activity. Every star constantly emits photons, or light in it’s own… Continue reading Allison Fantom

Christina Marchak

About Christina’s Research: Wilmington University, in collaboration with the NASA Delaware Space Grant Consortium and Delaware EnvironmentalInstitute, is actively engaged in pivotal coral engineering endeavors. Dr. Milton Muldrow leads a group of dedicated studentresearchers, including Christina Marchak, Sarah La Torre, Natalie Vazquez Beales, Sam Kidwell, and Amaja Mack, who are makingsubstantial strides in this field.… Continue reading Christina Marchak

Isaac Chandler

Isaac Chandler is a junior mechanical engineering student at the University of Delaware. He is involved with various undergraduate research projects including underwater robotics, space communications, and physics instrumentation. Outside of class, he serves as a leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is a member of UD Esports, and is a radio host on WVUD. Isaac… Continue reading Isaac Chandler