Jada Jackson

Summer Researcher with Dr. Dwight Higgin

Biological Sciences

Delaware State University

I am a rising junior studying Biological Sciences at Delaware State University. I have an interest in health professions and have interests in several specialties. Last summer, I worked on researching techniques in the area of joint kinematics.

Jada’s Research Summary:

My summer research this summer was centered around the relationship between kidney disease or low kidney function and its
effect on cognition. A lot of the summer was spent isolating the data and getting to understand the terms and vocabulary of the
summer. My mentors, Dr. Dwight Higgin and Dr. Regina Sims Wright, were helpful and flexible in figuring out a way to move the
data from SPSS to Python. I was able to come up with a code to present a couple graphs to map the relationships within the data,
but we focused more on the literary side. I researched many articles through academic search engines and performed a literary
review of my findings. At the end of the session, we thought of a way to continue on with our research and created a schedule for
the fall semester.