Khalid Khider

Summer Researcher with Dr. Tyler Van Buren

Mechanical Engineering

University of Delaware

Khalid’s Research Summary:

Having an opportunity to work the DE Space Grant was a blessed experience. I really enjoyed working with a team. They were
very welcoming and kind. I was contributing to a team project where we developed and improved the underwater swimming robot
which I thought was pretty cool. I discovered my new passion which I can explore which is CAD and Robotics design and
manufacturing. I would love to expand my knowledge in CAD and learn more about robotics and how they work and how they can
complete certain tasks. The software I used for 3D CAD Design was Onshape. At first it was a bit frustrating but I got the hang of
it. I started doing all kinds of designs and cool cad work. I even designed my own gear which was a big accomplishment.