Connor McCleery

I am currently a rising junior at the University of Delaware in Mechanical Engineering. I participate in undergraduate research within the mechanical engineering department with a focus in renewable energy storage. My intent is to apply the experience gathered through my college research to a career in the automotive or aeronautical industries.

Brian Inglis

Hi, my name is Brian Inglis. I am a Junior Meteorology and Climatology major at the University of Delaware. I am also pursuing minors in geography and mathematics. I have had a passion for meteorology for as long as I can remember and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and gaining experience in the field… Continue reading Brian Inglis

Isaac Chandler

Isaac Chandler is a junior mechanical engineering student at the University of Delaware. He is involved with various undergraduate research projects including underwater robotics, space communications, and physics instrumentation. Outside of class, he serves as a leader in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is a member of UD Esports, and is a radio host on WVUD. Isaac… Continue reading Isaac Chandler

Darius Boyce

I am a 22-year-old senior at Delaware State University, my GPA is 3.37 and I major in engineering physics with a concentration in electrical engineering.

Ryan Bischof

Ryan Bischof is a Senior at Delaware State University studying Engineering Physics. I am currently a Junior undergraduate student at Delaware State University (DSU). My major is in Engineering Physics with a concentration in Electrical Engineering. As a research intern in DSU’s Photonics Sensors Systems Lab (PSSL) lead by Dr. Mohammad Amir Khan, I was… Continue reading Ryan Bischof

Hanna Armstrong

Hanna Armstrong is a Honors candidate, 3rd year biomedical engineering undergraduate student. In addition to this, she minors in biomechanical engineering and material science. She plans to pursue graduate school at the completion of her degree and would like to pioneer in developing health monitoring wearable technology in the future.

London Anderson

I am a Senior Engineering Physics major with a concentration in Electrical Engineering. I am from Washington, DC. I love the theory behind both math and science. With math, there’s only a right and wrong answer, nothing more or nothing less. I love to escape from my own reality and read books. Also, I love… Continue reading London Anderson

Erica Acox

Hello, my name is Erica Acox and I am a rising senior at Delaware State University. I am from the gorgeous Prince George’s County Maryland! I am majoring in Forensic Biology with a minor in Chemistry and intentions to matriculate into a PhD program directly after undergrad. I plan to work on projects such as… Continue reading Erica Acox