Sarah LaTorre

Summer Researcher with Dr. Milton Muldrow


Wilmington University

Sarah’s Research Summary:

My research included being apart of the Wilmington University Brandywine Research lab. This summer my primary focus was establishing gene editing technology into institutional standards and procedures in the lab. This included learning how to perform CRISPR. I had the opportunity to be able to take on a leadership role in the lab and RockOn workshop. In the lab, I taught students how to use lab equipment and handle the labs model organism. Establishing baseline for the lab’s experimental ideas was the main goal for students. I also got to participate in RockOn! Workshop with my mentor and brother, José LaTorre. We had a successful rocket workshop build and launch from Wallops Island, VA.

This is my third year with DE Space Grant, I am so grateful for the chance to participate in research and beyond! I am interested in
pursuing my Master’s in Biology. Thank you for another year of amazing research and experiences!