2023-2024 Delaware NASA EPSCoR RID Seed Grant Program Awards

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 NASA EPSCoR Seed Grant awardees! Each researcher received a seed award in the amount of $21,000 in direct funds for their projects:

Joseph Feser, UD Mechanical Engineering
Using Time Domain Thermoreflectance to Observe Heat Transfer Regimes in Oscillating Heat Pipes
Guoquan Huang, UD Mechanical Engineering and Computer and Information Sciences
Robust Hazard Detection for Safe Planetary Landing
Swati Singh, UD Electrical and Computer Engineering
Searching for Chameleon Dark Energy using Levitated Optomechanical Systems
Erin Sparks, UD Plant and Soil Sciences
Bendy Box: A New Tool to Study Plant Biomechanics in Space