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FY 2020 NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research (R3)

Evaluations will begin on October 21, 2019; selected proposals are due to NASA on 1/13/2020:

NASA EPSCoR R3 Announcement


Pre-proposals are currently under review for anticipated NASA solicitations!  

NASA EPSCoR CAN ISS Flight Opportunity

NASA EPSCoR CAN Research Opportunity


2019-2020 Delaware NASA EPSCoR RID Seed Grant Program

Congratulations to seed grant awardees:

Dr. Amir Khan (Delaware State University
Dr. Bennett Maruca (UD Physics and Astronomy)
Dr. Rodrigo Vargas (UD Plant and Soil Sciences) and Dr. Gonzalo Arce (UD Electrical and Computer Engineering)

2019-2020 NASA EPSCoR Seed Grant


Congratulations to University of Delaware Assistant Professors Dr. Tingyi Gu (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Dr. Bennett Maruca (Physics and Astronomy) on their awarded proposal "Graphene integrated silicon photonic circuits for high-speed, light weight free space optical link"!  Selected by NASA for 2018 funding, their research will ultimately fly on the International Space Station.

NASA EPSCoR CAN ISS Flight Opportunity Announcement


NASA EPSCoR CAN Research Award
Congratulations to Delaware State University's Associate Professor Renu Tripathi (science PI) and Professor Gour S. Pati (Co-I) on the submission of a successful proposal in NASA's national competition!  The proposal, "Laser based remote magnetometry with mesospheric sodium atoms for geomagnetic field measurements", was selected by NASA for 2017 funding.  Drs. Tripathi and Pati will work in collaboration with a team from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

NASA EPSCoR CAN Research Opportunity Announcement